What have I been up to?

Professional Experience

Senior Software Development Engineer

Amazon, Seattle, WA, 11/14 - 2/16

Lead developer on ground platform team for the Amazon Prime Air drone delivery program. At Prime Air, I worked on many projects, varying from creating interfaces for pilots to designing systems for automated handling of flight data at scale.

Software Development Engineer

Amazon, Seattle, WA, 5/12 - 8/12, 8/13 - 11/14

Starting as an intern and for the beginning of my career, I worked for Global Action Trace, a high performance, large scale distributed system used to monitor and analyze Amazon’s service oriented architecture. GAT works in real time, processing millions of events per minute. I worked on many projects varying from creating graph visualization tool with d3.js for analyzing service connectivity, to rewriting our daemon in python, a small application that gets deployed on every Amazon host.


Duke University

Durham, NC - 5/13

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering (BSE), Minor in Computer Science