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Professional Experience


Developer Atlas, Seattle, WA, 4/17 - Present

My passion project, Developer Atlas is an interactive mind map that explains all of the subjects, skills, and technologies needed to go from beginner programmer to professional developer. My blog post "What I wish I knew as a beginner learning to code" has been read by over 10,000 young developers.

Software Development Engineer II

Amazon, Seattle, WA, 11/14 - 2/16

Lead developer on ground platform team for the Amazon Prime Air drone delivery program. At Prime Air, I worked on many projects, varying from creating interfaces for pilots to designing systems for automated handling of flight data at scale.

Software Development Engineer

Amazon, Seattle, WA, 5/12 - 8/12, 8/13 - 11/14

Starting as an intern and for the beginning of my career, I worked for Global Action Trace, a high performance, large scale distributed system used to monitor and analyze Amazon’s service oriented architecture. GAT works in real time, processing millions of events per minute. I worked on many projects varying from creating graph visualization tool with d3.js for analyzing service connectivity, to rewriting our daemon in python, a small application that gets deployed on every Amazon host.


Duke University

Durham, NC - 5/13

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering (BSE), Minor in Computer Science


World Travel

India, South Asia, New Zealand and South America, 2/16 - 4/17

I spent all of 2016 traveling internationally. I was on the road for 14 months, saw 12 countries, read 100 books, learned how to surf and speak Spanish, and spent 20 days trekking around Mt Everest. Many of my closest friends met up with me on the road, and I made many new ones along the way. I spent the final seven months solo.