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The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories

Liu, Ken - Finished Jul 21, 2016

Run-on Sentence Summary

Several science fiction short stories by acclaimed author Ken Liu, including his Paper Menagerie which won tons of awards.


I have mixed feelings about these stories. The writing is strong, and many of the scifi ideas are interesting and unique. The book had a lot to say about asian culture, and the title story, The Paper Menagerie, had me closer to shedding tears than anything I’ve read in years. At the same time, when every single story in the collection involved some horrible unjust thing happening to the main characters, always with a tragic ending, I felt a bit emotionally exhausted and blackmailed by the end.

Final Thoughts

A great read if science fiction is your thing. At least go read the title story. This is another book that would benefit from not being read cover to cover.

Favorite Quote

“We should have conceded from the start that narratives are irreducibly subjective, thought that does not mean that they do not also convey the truth.”