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The Hero of Ages (Mistborn, #3)

Sanderson, Brandon - Finished Mar 27, 2016

Run-on Sentence Summary

Somehow, after twelve hundred pages, Vin and Elend are in even deeper shit than they’ve been in up until now, and they’ll need to come together and trust each other if they want to defeat evil and save the world.


I’ve said everything I have to say about this series in my reviews of the first two books. The third and final book in the trilogy is more of the same, and brings the whole series to an thrilling and satisfying conclusion.

Final Thoughts

If I had to make a list of books to bring to a desert island, these would not even come close. That being said, reading them is like eating candy, and if you have some time to kill, you will be hooked.

Favorite Quote

“A man is what he has passion about,” Breeze said. “I’ve found that if you give up what you want most for what you think you should want more, you’ll just end up miserable.”