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The Dark Forest (Remembrance of Earth’s Past, #2)

Liu, Cixin - Finished Mar 30, 2017

Run-on Sentence Summary

More Chinese hard science fiction goodness.


The Dark Forest sharply expands the scope and vision of the first book. It creates a universe that it cold and foreboding, and instills a sense of gloom and despair that could only be brought about by the total hopelessness of the human race. What fun!

Final Thoughts

Just as in the Three Body Problem, its ideas compensate for weak characterization. As with the first, I wonder how much is lost in translation. There’s so much going on in these novels that it is very hard to say anything without spoiling them, but I immediately downloaded and started the third one after I turned the last page. Let that be your guide!

Favorite Quote

“The past was like a handful of sand you thought you were squeezing tightly, but which had already run out through the cracks between your fingers. Memory was a river that had run dry long ago, leaving only scattered gravel in a lifeless riverbed. He had lived life always looking out for the next thing, and whenever he had gained, he had also lost, leaving him with little in the end.”