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It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays

Dawson, Shane - Finished Nov 23, 2016

Run-on Sentence Summary

A collection of humorous essays by a Youtube star about growing up as a bisexual millennial and an outsider.


I picked up this collection because I saw it as a finalist for the Goodreads choice awards in the humor category. I was excited for a fresh, funny new voice. I have never heard of Shane Dawson, and didn’t go and see his Youtube channel until a few minutes ago. I have to think that if I had, there’s no chance I would have gone through with reading this book.

While his Youtube channel comes off as annoying to me, the essays in this collection were funny and genuine. His shocking, self-deprecating humor feels a little try-hard at times, but I have to respect the guy’s guts for speaking with such candor about his bulimia, sexuality, etc.

Final Thoughts

He talks a lot about his mom and brother Jerid, but only in passing mentions his other brother Jacob. Jacob also gets snubbed in the acknowledgments. Whats the story here?

Favorite Quote

“What’s the point of getting mad about things when we are all just getting closer to death each day?"