Other Books

Run-on Sentence Summary

A list of 100 takeaways from modern psychology relating to how people think, and their implications for design.


This is a short, fun little book filled with lots of cool insights such as “51. Variable Rewards are Powerful”, or “74. Anecdotes Persuade More than Data.” It reeks of a set of blog posts converted into a book, but that doesn’t matter. Its a short read, and I learned new things from it.

Final Thoughts

If you like pop psych or design, this is a fun book to flip through in the bathroom. …I hope you take long poops and read on the toilet like I do, because it feels sometimes like I label half of what I read as bathroom books.

Favorite Quote

“People are very willing to click multiple times. In fact, they won’t even notice they’re clicking if they’re getting the right amount of information at each click to keep them going down the path. Think progressive disclosure; don’t count clicks.”